Wall Street Coder: Anybody Can Learn to Code and Trade (CAD)

Are you interested in how highly successful people make money trading? We're here to teach you how to protect, save and make money in the world of finance.

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"I know enough Python to be dangerous. Most of the ML classes are so abstract and theoretical that no learning happens. This is the first class where we use concrete examples that I can relate to and allow me to learn. Absolutely love this course!"

- Mary Townsend, Wall Street Coder Student

Learn complete Python trading and coding from scratch. Become an expert in data analytics and real-world financial analysis. We are proud to present one of the most interesting and comprehensive courses Team Mammoth has created so far. No experience is required.


Are you ready to trade on the stock market?

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Wall Street Coder will guide you through everything you need to know to use Python for finance and algorithmic trading. We'll start off by learning the fundamentals of Python and proceed to learn about machine learning and Quantopian.

The lessons are supplemented with handful of helpful source files you can refer back to at any time — forever! PLUS: You can watch this course offline via the Teachable iOS app. You will get lifetime access to all content. Please note that all sales are final.


In this series of straight-to-the-point videos, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand stock market fundamentals from the ground up
  • Strategically trade in bear and bull markets
  • Create accounts and begin trading
  • Gain financial acumen to network in the financial industry
  • Code in Python to solve real-world tasks
  • Use the data analysis toolkit Pandas to work with data

After the fundamentals, we’ll get into strategies and specifics, including:

  • Working in changing markets
  • Projects of algorithms and technical analysis to add to your FinTech resume
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for price prediction
  • Build a test project on Quantopian using money invested into a fund
  • And much more!



  • Lifetime access that never expires
  • Project-based curriculum to superboost your portfolio
  • Graduation certificate for every course
  • Absolute beginner-friendly
  • New courses every month
  • Efficient lectures with step by step explanations
  • Relevant industry topics 8 years of award-winning course delivery
  • 700,000 students in 186 countries
  • Learn with free tools and affordable courses

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  • Aspiring data scientists
  • Programming beginners
  • People interested in finance and investing
  • Coders who want to specialize in finance
  • Anyone who wants to learn programming for an in-demand field
  • Finance professionals who want to learn FinTech


Broad concepts are covered so that you will have a solid general understanding of coding for finance. Get your hands dirty with real world coding examples, and learn to code in Python! You’ll be able to talk concepts and regressive models with financial traders. You'll learn the tools and techniques used daily by finance coders. You’ll also learn how to retrieve data from financial web pages.
Wall Street Coder: Anybody Can Learn to Code and Trade


  • Introduction to Python
  • Installing Jupyter
  • Variables Introduction
  • Variables Demo
  • Variable Operators: Introduction and Demo
  • Collections Practice and Examples
  • Control Flow: Python Statements and Loops Examples
  • Python Functions Practice
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance Practice


  • Python Tools
  • Work with Scientific Packages (NumPy)
  • Use the Data Analysis Toolkit, Pandas
  • Graphing with Python
  • Working with Stock Data
  • Getting Stock Data
  • Graphing Stock Data


  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Reading Different Kinds of Graphs
  • Algorithms and Strategies
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Choosing a Strategy to Apply


  • Intro to Machine Learning (ML)
  • Intro to Tensorflow (TF)
  • Intro to Keras
  • Basic ML Models
  • Price Prediction
  • Price Change Prediction


  • Intro to Quantopian
  • How to Make Trades
  • Using Algorithms
  • Different Kinds of Analysis
  • How to Backtest
  • Use a Practice Account with Fake Money
  • Interpret Results and Fund Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is the format of the courses?
Average courses are 5-50 hours long, with our biggest (to date) being Hello Coding, at 170 hours of content! Most lessons are between 15 and 30 minutes long, and they’re all available online that you can watch at any time that’s convenient for you. The videos feature a live recording of your instructor's screen as they develop in realtime. With all source code and reference files included. So there will be absolutely no guesswork for you. And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions and leave comments under each lecture.
Do I get course certificates?
Yes, a course certificate will be generated at the end of each course you complete! Along with projects, certificates are a way you can prove your work on LinkedIn.
Do I have to show up at a particular place or a particular time?
No, each course happens online, and you can take it from any place where you have an internet connection. You can view all lectures offline via the Teachable iOS app. All lectures are prerecorded so you can watch them at any time that works for you. Of course, you can also enjoy all the lectures on your phone and tablet.
How much time do I need in order to take each course?
You can spend as much or as little time as you want. If you enroll in Lifetime Access, you get lifetime access to all course materials. With Lifetime Access, there is no expiry. You aren't required to complete the course within a certain time period. You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain skills.
What if I’m not good with technology?
The majority of Mammoth Interactive students are complete beginners. Even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out. All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon. Each course starts from scratch and builds up your knowledge substantially in steps. Students from age 5 to 70 have successfully completed our courses. And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions under each lecture, which will be promptly answered by one of my team members.
What if I'm an experienced developer?
Stack Overflow's yearly developer survey found that developers over age 50 start to make less than their younger counterparts. Don't become one of the people affected by skill stagnation. Enroll in our school to future-proof your career for life. If you're an experienced developer, you will still benefit from Mammoth Interactive courses. By starting from scratch with each course, you will revisit the fundamentals and undo bad coding habits. You'll also find it easier to pick up new languages, making you able to take more courses and broaden your skillset.

Your Instructor

Nimish Narang
Nimish Narang

Nimish Narang is Mammoth Interactive's lead developer specializing in Python, iOS and Android. Primarily a coder, he also is an avid trader.

Mammoth Interactive is a leading online course provider in everything from learning to code to becoming a YouTube star. Mammoth Interactive courses have been featured on Harvard’s edX, Business Insider and more.

Over 11 years, Mammoth Interactive has built a global student community with 1.1 million courses sold. Mammoth Interactive has released over 250 courses and 2,500 hours of video content.

Founder and CEO John Bura has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John has created top-selling applications for iOS, Xbox and more. John also runs SaaS company Devonian Apps, building efficiency-minded software for technology workers like you.


"Captivating voice, easy to follow at a rapid pace, get some paper and fasten your seat-belts. I'm enjoying every second of this. Literally, I bought this course for specific lectures of the Python + Tensorflow aspects, and after 2 hours I already know way more than after 10 hours of the Zero-to-Deep-Learning." - Philip Murray, Machine Learning: Build Apps & Predictions & Analyze Data

"This course is a great way to get introduced to coding and bringing the game together from a full SLDC stance. The instructors are responsive, and the Q&A sections are extremely helpful. 100% worth the time invested to learn through this course." - Derek Hass, Unity & Blender Masterclass: Make a 3D Zenda Game

"Incredible course. Looking forward for more content like this. Thank you and good job." - Joniel Gallo, Predict fraud with data visualization & predictive modeling

Course Curriculum

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  Level 1 - Python Language Basics (Introduction)
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  Level 1 - Python Language Basics: 04) Functions
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  Level 1 - Python Language Basics: 06) Summary of Python
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